Our Mission

As system integrator we aim to provide practical, cost effective, technologically advanced control systems, which give maximum benefits to our customers. We are a service-oriented company and pride ourselves in following projects through to completion with full customer satisfaction.

Company Profile

Int-Elect Systems, which was established in 1992, is a team of dedicated Engineers, providing engineering solutions to modern automated industries. Int-Elect Systems has proven its ability to solve industrial control and monitoring problems and implement new hardware and software control systems. Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) has acknowledged this by appointing Int-Elect Systems as authorised Systems Integrator, specialising in Fluid Power and Electro-Hydraulic applications. Int-Elect Systems, in conjunction with Bosch Hydraulics, has also set new standards in hydraulic positioning systems.

Our systems provide process monitoring and control, alarming, historical trending and reporting and informative operator interface. These systems help industry to increase plant productivity and efficiency, reduce costs and improve product quality.