Sizing controls for Twin Bandsaws, Double Arbour and conventional Styles.

New equipment in conjunction with McKeeCo Engineering sizing axis use Bosch Servo/Proportional Valves with MTS position Transducer.

Retro fitted to the older style MOOG system with an adapter plate from MOOG porting to C Top 3. The MOOG Transducer is replaced with a MTS probe. If a Rewind Potentiometer was previously used we renew the Potentiometer. Manufacture's we have fitted new sizing systems to; Integrated Engineering, McKee Engineering and Gibson Equipment.


Console Size can vary depending on application. New Equipment tends to have two consoles 700h x 500w x 210d that the operator sits between. Retro Fit we try to use the same dimensions as the existing console where possible but have found most to be two 700h x 500w x 210d with the operator in a seated position.

Most Consoles suppled have 8 Flitch and 8 Cant Sizing Button with LED indication and an A/B group toggle switch giving quick access to 16 sizes for each Flitch and Cants. The Operator Interface adds the ability to select between 4 different Sizing Programs in giving a possible 64 different sizes.


Other Ancillary controls can be added to console e.g. motor stop starts as required.