Ice Heads – 2012

AB MircoLogix 1100 with a PanelView Component C300 HMI Interface to automated of a Vought Tube Ice Maker.

Compressors – 2012

AB MircoLogix 1400 with a PanelView Plus 700 HMI Interface to automated control of two refrigeration compressors for the Ice Heads.

Twinsaw - Gibson Equipment - 2012

Sizing Upgraded in 2006 replace Moog valves with Bosch. Latest update is to add two Encoders to allow for actually position of overhead carriage and to give log length. A Scanmeg Log Diameter Scanner for volume calculations with two Ultra S Lasers and Differential Module to indicate board tapering in thickness. Shift reporting added.

Bin Sorter - Umenco Equipment - 2012

Auto detection of timber dimensions so operator only need to focus on grade. Two Scanmeg Ultra S Lasers with a Differential Module to calculate thickness, Encoder Counts for Width and an array of PE for board length. Shift report Modified.

Dry Mill - 2012

Change PLC code and add PanelView Plus for Shift reporting.

Treatment/Stacker - Acora Stacker - 2010

AB SLC 500 controlling a Tong Dog Loader for treatment then stacks the timber with lathe as required. The Lathe placers are positioned with DC motors and Rewind pots as position transducers.


Upgrade Log Carriage Sizing - 2007

AB MircoLogix 1200 with a PanelView 300 Micro interface


Tilt Hoist Stacker with Stick Placer - McKeeCo Equipment - 2006

AB MircoLogix 1500 with a PanelView 300 Micro interface . Ablitiy to pack both block and sticked packs. Tilt hoist infeed separates sticks

Upgrade Twin Log Edger Sizing - 2010

AB MircoLogix 1200 with a PanelView 300 Micro interface


Twin Log Edger Sizing - 2001

Bench Sizing - 2000